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Education Fund

The board of directors is aware that one of the greatest benefits of being a NECA contractor should be the educational opportunities that the chapter can provide. The board wishes to provide not only terrific seminars for your personnel to attend but also assisting in defraying the costs of sending your personnel to these events, as well as any other industry-related training that your firm may need.

Each member company may use its pro-rated share of the fund for any industry-related training costs, be it labor, travel, lodging, etc. to attend the free seminars put on by NECA, or any similar costs incurred for other industry-related training that your firm may attend, such as for estimating programs, HR training, and the like.

Education funds could be used for training provided at events like (but not limited to) the following:


  • Safety Summit

  • NECA Safety Professionals Conference

  • NECA District 6 Summer Council and Conference

  • NECA Convention

In addition, Education funds may also be used for lodging while attending our Winter Meeting at Salishan in December.

Individuals can also sign up for courses through NECA National. Existing courses can be found at their website:


These funds are for educational purposes only. We hope you will use your available funds to further educate yourselves and your workforce, as we believe it is one of our greatest responsibilities. We will be presenting a terrific variety of educational opportunities, and with the Education Reimbursement Fund, some relief to defray the costs associated with such education.

Education Fund Policy

Reimbursement Form

NECA LIVE 2021 Reimbursement Form

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