COVID-19 Info


COVID-19 Information and Resources

NDERA Between NECA/IBEW regarding Coronavirus

NECA Coronavirus Resource Center

Oregon Secretary of State - Resouces for Business

Required Contributions to the Benefit Funds under Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020 (FFCRA) - Updated 5/5/2020

NEBF Waiver Notice



NECA - Working Knowledge - Webinar Updates 



NECA Video Update - June 2020: Innovating During This Pandemic 

Electrical Contractor Magazine - 6/1/2020

Oregon Building Codes Division - Mechanical Board Meeting Update  

NECA This Week - Spotlight on Membership



Oregon Building Codes Division - Meeting Updates 

NECA Events Update - Chicago 2020

NECA - PPP Flexibility Act Passes the House 



Pandemics and Construction Productivity: Quantifying the Impact

Working Knowledge - NECA Webinar update 



Technology/Innovation - Making Digital Layout Solutions Work for You  

NECA - OSHA Webinar - Recordkeeping and Recordability Enforcement Guide

NTI - Announcing Virtual National Training Institute  

PAC/WEST - Labor and Industry Report 



Updated: U.S. Department of Treasury Issues Additional PPP Guidance 

NECA this week 



NECA - Inside Washington - Take Action

Oregon Building Codes Division - Amended Agenda for May 28

PAC/WEST - May 2020 Primary Election Results Edition



PAC/WEST - Oregon votes by mail in critical primary 

NECA Legal and Safety - COVID-19 OSHA Recordable Event  

Electrical Contractor Safety Leader May 2020

NECA Working Knowledge Webinar Update 

Labor Bulletin -  Early Reporting for Use of PPP Money Prior to Deadline for Hours Reported in Locals 280, 659 & 932



Paycheck Protection Program: Loan Forgiveness Guidance

NECA - Working Knowledge - Webinars 

Oregon Building Codes Division - Electrical and Elevator Board 

PAC/WEST - An election day in unusual times 




NECA - Video Update  

News from Electrical Contractor Magazine  - May 2020 Issue

NECA - This Week, Membership Spotlight, Electric COVID-19 Report, and Upcoming Webinars  



Oregon Building Codes Division - 2020 License Exp Date Extension 

NECA - Working Knowledge, Next weeks Webinars 



UPDATED 5/13: U.S. Department of Treasury Issues Additional Guidance Regarding PPP Program

Electri Pandemic Report

NECA - Working Knowledge - Today's Webinar

Oregon Building Codes Division - OESC, ORSC, and OPSC - Code Adoption update   

PAC/WEST - Majority of Oregon Counties approved to reopen  


NECA - Inside Washington - House Democrats Release Phase IV Coronavirus Response Bill

NECA - Working Knowledge - Todays Webinar and Upcoming Webinars  




NECA- Working Knowledge - A Network of Higher Learning

Oregon Building Codes Division - Program Delegation Rulemaking Advisory Committee  

NECA Alert - Premier Partner PPE Program for NECA Contractors  


NECA Video Update  - Why You Should Implement More Video Calls

NECA - Inside Washington - Requests for Congress in the Phase IV Coronavirus Response Legislation Webinar



NECA- Up to Code - NECA Coronavirus Resources 

NECA- Working Knowledge 5/8/2020 

NECA- Inside Washington - Take Action Legislation  



NECA - Working Knowledge Education and Webinars 

PAC/WEST - First Phase of Oregon reopening to begin May 15  



NECA- Working Knowledge 

Oregon Building Codes Division - OR and WA JW Electrician Reciprocal License agreement discussion date scheduled May 28, 2020

NECA - Alert  



NECA - Working Knowledge 

PAC/WEST Government Affairs Update 



PAC/WEST - Oregon reopening framework comes into focus  

saif - Coronvirus worker safety fund stops accepting applications 

NECA - Video Update May 2020  

NECA - Legal Webinar 2 Q & A and Update PPP Forgiveness Guidance



NEBF Waiver Update on Federally mandated sick pay due to COVID-19  

NECA Alert Webinar Updates

NECAPAC - Check out our new look! 



PAC/WEST - Department of Revenue adjusts Oregon CAT requirements on the eve of April 30 due date

NECA Alert - Webinar Schedule 



BDS Update for the week of April 27, 2020 

Safety - CDC Warning Counterfeit Respirators  

NECA Alert - NECA Stand Down on COVID-19 and Webinar Schedule 



PAC/WEST NECA-IBEW Safety Professionals Work Together to Combat Coronavirus  

NECA National - Happening this week 



NECA Legislative Update - Increase Funding for PPP  

PAC/WEST - Oregon Emergency Board approves COVID aid



NECA Alert - Webinar Schedule 

PAC/WEST COVID-19 Update - CAT payments coming April 30 

Cares Act and STC Memo - unemployment insurance and the CARES Act



NECA Alert - Webinar schedule 

PAC/WEST - Second COVID-19 funding package on its way 

Technology and Innovation - What does digital transformation mean for your organization?  

NECA Alert - 50% off State CEU's Online  

Agenda and Meeting Packet for tomorrow - 4/23/2020 Meeting at 1pm  

ORPAC, NECA - Survey Results 



NECA Safety Stand-Down April 29, 2020 



COVID-19  Scope for Oregon OSHA 

NECA Legislative Update  

NECA Safety Stand Down for the COVID-19 Pandemic  

PAC/WEST - Opening Up America Again 



Oregon OSHA - Fact Sheet - Voluntary Respirator Use 

NECA Fact Sheet - FFCRA FAQ's - Updated 4/14/2020 

NECA Legal Webinar Q & A  - Updated 4/14/2020



State of Oregon Employment - FAQ's Updated 4/10/2020

NECA Alert- Get Ready for NECA 2020 Chicago



Gov. Brown's framework for "reopening" Oregon 



NECA Alert - New NECA/EARN Program 

Electrical Contractor Magazine - COVID 19 Affects Solar Growth  

saif - Safety fund application reopens with $15 million boost 

NECA - This Week - Upcoming Webinars and Education Classes 

Guidance on Payment of Fringe Benefits from NECA National  



Oregon State COVID-19 Daily Update as of 4/9/2020

Guidelines on Social Distancing on the Jobsite  

COVID-19 Impact Survey 4/10/2020



NECA Alert - Webinar Updates 

COVID-19 and Contractor Liability  



NECA Alert - Educational and Webinar updates  

Coronavirus Legal Webinar Q & A from National NECA

Oregon OSHA Face Mask Interpretation  



Oregon State COVID-19 Daily Update

OSHA - Small Entity for Respiratory Protection Standard   

PAC/WEST - New director appointed to Consumer and Business Services 



Paycheck Protection Program Application  

NECA Fact Sheet - Stay-at-Home Orders Following DOL Temporary Regulations 

IBEW Summary of COVID-19 from Lonnie Stephenson, IP 

IBEW Final Summary of Benefits available to IBEW Local Unions 

BDS Update- Permit Intake and Plan Review


NECA Alert - Apply today Payroll Protection Loans through SBA

NECA Legislative Update - NECA wants to hear from you

NECA Alert - Survey of Executive Orders Related to COVID-19 

PAC/WEST - "Stay Home, Stay Safe" Is having an effect 



NECA Alert - SBA and Treasury Begin Effort to Distribute $349 Billion in Emergency Small Business Capital 

DOL Temporary Rule - Paid Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Oregon Building Codes Division - Minor Label Program Update 

NECA Fact Sheet - Executive Orders Related to COVID-10 by State 



PAC/WEST - Campaign season carries through the crisis

FFCRA Updated FAQ's 

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Information: Borrowers

Comparison of Loans: EIDL and PPP

Borrower Paycheck Protection Program Application 

NECA Alert - Educational Opportunities 



Example Exposure Control Plan (ECP) 

Risk Assessment Process and Checklist for Work Impact by COVID-19

US DOL Coronavirus Poster (To be posted at all establishments) 

DCBS Oregon OSHA Letter - Interim Guidance Related to COVID-19 

NECA Codes and Standards Update  



"We Got This" - David Long NECA/CEO

Legal Issues in the Electrical Contracting Industry Related to COVID-19 Webinar - Tuesday, March 31, 2020 - 11:00 am-12:00 pm PST

Innovative Safety Committee Reducing Risk of Coronavirus in the Workplace 

NECA Contractors' Guide to the CARES Act + Gov't Affairs Webinar Q & A

Q and A NEDRA (round 2) 3/30/2020  



NECA Technology and Innovation - Document Your Jobsites in the Wake of COVID-19

Federal leaders break down CARES act

SAIF establishes $10 million COVID-19 Worker Safety Fund



FFCRA Employee’s Rights Poster

NECA COVID-19 Impact Notice Letter Template

NECA Essential Services Travel Notice Template

COVID-19 Telemedicine Announcement form Harrison

Sanitation Station Five Gallon Bucket

Layoff Aversion Examples

CDC COVID-19 Posters

Families First Coronavirus Response Act of 2020

Contractor License Renewal Reprieve Request - David Long



Oregon State Police FAQ’s & Essential Service Travel Notice

COVID NECA – Contractual Rights and Obligations



SBLC Small Business and COVID19 Slides



Oregon State, “Stay at Home” Executive Order

FFCRA Summary from NECA National

FFCRA FAQ’s from NECA National



Governor Brown to Strengthen Social Distancing Monday



Families First Response Act Enacted by the President: What Employers Need to Know

COVID-19 Notices of Potential Delay



Q & A on NDERA

Harrison’s Plan changes and response to COVID-19






NECA National Update on COVID-19

Harrison Trust Temporary Plan Changes for COVID-19



Resources from the Oregon Employment Department