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About NECA

Electrical Worker

There was a time when electrical installations were chaotic. Lack of uniformity in manufacturing specifications for equipment and components hampered progress, as did the absence of consistent installation procedures. Viewed as a new frontier, electrical work soon attracted all sorts of people, few who were skilled and fewer still who had any kind of formal training.

Growth and Opportunity
Excellence and Professionalism

A unified voice was necessary to deal with these issues. NECA was established in 1901 to act as this voice to create standards for the contractors, as well as work closely with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to encourage training, ensure fair wages and establish safety policies.  From its very beginning, NECA has also recognized that, in order for the organization to function effectively, the good of the public had to be considered on the same plane as the good of the industry.

Construction Worker
Right the first time

NECA has long distributed its Standard of Installation and promotes the NECA Guarantee, which promises customers that they can depend on receiving high quality “on-time, on-budget, right-the-first-time” services from NECA contractors and their employees.

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